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Due to Greg Hankins coming aboard and adopting the faith and keeping the pace, V2 of this website is in the works — and well underway [editorial note: you are reading this on on V2, launched 11/28/2016 @ 15:33 CST].

“Well, why not ? I mean, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. This is the American Dream in action. Shit, we’d be fools not to ride this strange torpedo all the way out to the end.”1

What started out as a visceral response to 2016’s election night in America, well the results anyway, has morphed into some strange thing with a life of its own.  In its short life span, this website has garnered a sizable and dedicated following.


We owe it to them to have a slicker presentation.


While some of the readers whom will be arriving late to the party may very well critique Hunting For Thompson as minutia; to them I say it is so much easier to attempt to tear down than to build. And instead of throwing stones, pour a drink, or do what ever else you do to calm the demons down, then have a seat at the keyboard and help mold Hunting For Thompson by contributing. It’ll do ya good because….


It was psychological whiplash which gave birth to this website. The probability that America’s path will be wrought with copious embarrassment over the next four years would not escape my mind on that hideous election night.  To stop the psychotic ping pong match that was playing out inside my head, I approached the keyboard.2 Writing has always provided me solace. The solo sedentary examination of self while trying to paint the page forces a cerebral approach and consequently calms the chaos of consciousness – and thereby ends the volley of the metaphorical little white ball in the head.


You don’t have to agree with any point of view that Hunting For Thompson postulates. Currently, and evermore, my position is that President-elect Trump is the most wretched person to be awarded that title. He is worse than Nixon! He encompasses all the evil and petty traits of Nixon without one ounce of his statesmanship or intellect. He is the steward on a ship of fools, stacked to the top of its sails. He has no redeeming qualities — none! That’s the way I see it – and I always will. He has no place in the world of diplomacy. He is already turning his back on those who elected him.


If you have a momentary lapse of reason and actually find President-elect Trump endearing and are able to focus and memorialize your thoughts, and are capable of presenting them in coherent written manner, we’d be honored to publish your work(s). Honored!! If nothing else, Hunting For Thompson stands fervently for preserving of the First Amendment — and the rest of ’em too, once that one is secured.


Oh yea, I almost forgot: ahemthank you President-elect Trump for giving rise to Hunting For Thompson.


I am the techie of the crew, and I will write and post as often as time permits while whiling away in self-imposed indentured servitude on website V2.


Our new logo is below, and V2 of the website should be active very soon: I just got to “order us some golf shoes … impossible to walk in this muck!”1




Hunting For Thompson



1Thompson, Hunter, S. as Raoul Duke. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Random House. July 1972.


2Hall, John, R. “Stop Kidding & Make Us Some Drinks!” Hunting For Thompson. 11 November 2016. Web 26 November 2016. Hunting For Thompson


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