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Marie PickettRandom thoughts that keep us up at night…


A thousand times a day we ask ourselves how did this happen? What will happen to the Supreme Court? What does the outcome of this election say about our country? We are America, the United States of America, yet we are becoming more divided than ever. What message has been sent to our children? This man does not represent our values! He is not my president.


Donald Trump is the master of fake news and innuendo. His entire campaign was built on hate, bigotry, bullying, body shaming, lies and entitlement. He has absolutely no substance. He has never once accepted responsibility for his actions. He simply points his finger and begins spewing hate. We, everyday Americans, must accept responsibility for our actions, we are held accountable. Donald Trump needs to be held accountable for his actions and stop accusing the rest of the world of being wrong.


This man is an embarrassment to America and the principals it was built upon by our founding fathers. Freedom and justice for all. It will take far too many years for America to recover from this election. The right to vote means so little to the Trump family that, according to a CNN article, his children were not even registered to vote before the general election.1


Now is the perfect time to begin the conversation of eliminating the electoral college (see John’s Knowing It Makes Me Sick and Sad). It is time to rid America of this archaic practice. In this day and age of communication, news (real and fake) is at our fingertips. Literally. We do not need an electoral college. CNN election results show that more Americans, 2.8 million more Americans, voted for an intelligent, experienced candidate who has spent her adult life in service to her country and the world.2 The electoral college changed our vote. This arcane body should not be allowed to change the voice of the majority of America. The constitution must be amended. This will be difficult because it seems it is the only way the republicans can win an election. Remember Al Gore? The outcome of that election was also changed by the electoral college. Trump is not my president.


Like many of the tax paying Americans we are finding it very difficult to feel respect towards the presidential office. This man claims he is for the military and loves America, but ask yourself what has he done that substantiates that statement? The answer is nothing. He has found and utilized every loophole to avoid paying taxes and contributing to the support of the military and this country.3


Not only has he avoided paying his fair share to support the troops that protect America, he did everything he could to avoid serving his country during the Vietnam era. Not as a conscientious objector either. After his student deferments ran out he bought a medical deferment. He suddenly had some mysterious foot ailment, something that curiously enough hadn’t prevented him from playing sports in college…4


But, let us not forget, he did tell Howard Stern about his own private Vietnam, avoiding venereal disease during that era.5 Avoidance seems to be a pattern. One might say he “dodged a bullet”. He is not my president.


Another important thought is his state of mind. Google dementia. It is defined as the chronic or persistent disorder of the mental process … marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Synonyms are madness, insanity, lunacy. Remind you of anyone? He is not my president.


The argument that he is a successful businessman is ridiculous. He filed at least four chapter 11 bankruptcies, cheating hardworking Americans out of their earnings.6 That is not successful, that is disreputable. He has lived off the backs of the working class in America long enough.


Working class Americans who cast their ballot for Donald Trump are soon going to face a harsh reality. Soon they will find out just how much Donald Trump and his republican cronies care about their welfare. Health coverage – gone. Food stamps to help you through that tough time – gone. Unemployment check – gone. Equal Rights – gone. Women’s Rights – gone! Just think, no Medicare, no social security benefits … all gone.


Keep in mind those very same senators and congressmen and that president voting your healthcare away will still have healthcare coverage. Healthcare coverage provided courtesy of us, the American taxpayer. Yes, you will be paying the healthcare coverage for the senators, congressman, president and their families. How ironic. It is time to demand our elected officials afford us the same basic right of quality affordable healthcare that we pay for – for them.


America is far behind the rest of the world with regards to healthcare coverage for all citizens. The Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction, we cannot allow the entitled few to take us backward. Quality, affordable healthcare is an American right, not a privilege. He is not my president.


Our very foundation as a country and a people has been rocked to the core. Again 2.8 million more Americans got it right in the 2016 election for president. That gives some hope for the future. It is just getting us through the here and now that is going to be the true test…




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