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Marie PickettJanuary 20th, 2017, in my mind, was a dark day in recent American history. An even darker day than November 8th, 2017, because now the unthinkable has become a reality. An unstable, unqualified bigot was actually sworn in as the 45th president of this ALREADY GREAT AMERICA!


Anyone who is not concerned about the next four years is either sure to gain financially from this absurd clown, or they have not been paying attention. Another sleepless night spent tossing and turning. The feeling of utter hopelessness threatening to take over my very being forcing me to grab my blankie and assume the fetal position.


On Saturday morning, January 21, 2017, my husband and I set out to participate in the Women’s March on Washington – Nevada. We didn’t know what to expect, except that it would be deemed as inconsequential in the eyes of this new administration. We were not disappointed.


Mr. Trump, you were not installed as king of these United States of America. You were not even voted in by the majority of American people. You would do well to remember that. Republicans everywhere would do well to remember that. None of you have the luxury of the electoral college and 2018 is right around the corner. You will be held accountable. But I digress. Believe it or not this is not about you….


This is about hope. This is about unity. There were officially 673 sister marches across the globe with an estimated 4,834,000 sister marchers.1 The Antarctic Peninsula! Guam! There were marches in London, Paris, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Brussels, the Czech Republic, and Kenya just to name a very few!2 These were the official sister marches as of January 19th at midnight EST when the organizers were forced to stop accepting new requests to concentrate on supporting the marches themselves.


While this was called a Women’s March, there was a tremendous amount of support from real men who were not afraid of strong women who have their own opinions. Some of these men were pushing baby strollers next to their wives who were carrying one of the many signs cleverly expressing their displeasure. These men realize there is a lot at stake over the next few years. Everyone and everything is fair game.


There were many signs and banners being waved. It was hard to pick a favorite, but the message was very clear in all of them, DO NOT STOMP ON MY RIGHTS! Some of the best include a picture of the Statue of Liberty with the words ‘I’m with her’, a picture of Princess Leia with ‘A Woman’s place is in the resistance’, and another favorite was a quote by Susan B. Anthony ‘Organize, Agitate, Educate must be our war cry’. The best of all was, ‘Now you have pissed off Grandma!’. The favored headgear was the pink pussyhats. No explanation needed.


We were a diverse group of young, old, male, female, gay, straight, all colors, all sizes. Some of us were in strollers, some in wheelchairs, some had walkers but we showed up, approximately 15,000 strong in Las Vegas alone.3 Together we chanted ‘Stronger together we won’t fall; peace, justice, and equality for all’. We respected each other’s cause and appreciated each other for being there. We all have a stake in this game.


Our daughters participated in the march held in Portland, OR. We are very proud of them. They are both very strong women with a tremendous sense of self. Portland is known for being a tad outrageous, the picture they sent us just re-enforced that outrageousness. With their faces in a cutout vagina they proudly sent the message, ‘Look mom we’re vaginas!’, it brought tears to our very proud eyes. Tears of laughter. Tears of hope.


We are at a crossroads in America but our strength as a people has never been greater. Most Americans are respectful, understanding, sympathetic and tolerant of and towards others. We believe in the ‘Golden Rule’, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. The experience of participating in this peaceful march will stay with us for a very long time. The inclusiveness of all peoples and their causes was nothing short of joyful, inspirational. Donald Trump and friends have not just launched an assault on women’s rights, but an assault on human rights. These are our rights and we are not going to let them be taken from us. Civil disobedience was in full bloom on January, 21st, 2017.


The blankie is back in the closet.


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