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Marie PickettThere aren’t many things that I agreed with President Reagan on, remember Reaganomics, the trickle-down theory?1 Yes, we are also still waiting for it to start trickling down, but on June 12th, 1987, that day when President Reagan gave a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, all Americans were proud. We were proud of our president and we were proud of our country.


The rapport between America’s Reagan and Russia’s Gorbachev was cool to say the least. What President Trump and Vladimir Putin have is a full on Bromance. These two have had a mutual admiration club of two for some time. Trump expressed his admiration of Putin as early as 2007 and Putin has certainly returned the admiration. He called Donald Trump a genius.23 Really? Maybe they feel this way about each other because it is like looking in a mirror. They are both loud-mouthed, vindictive, narcissistic, blowhards with short tempers and ideas of grandeur, of ruling the world! Cue the crazy laugh…


Okay, I must focus!


Mr. Trump is attempting to build a wall around America. Not only a brick and mortar wall, but executive orders to erect a metaphysical wall. He says it will keep immigrants out. Has he not heard of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and what these symbolize? We are all immigrants! Yes, Melania, and you too Mr. President! If you are not a Native American, you are an immigrant! It is not a dirty word!


Now, about that 20% tax on items imported to the United States from Mexico to pay for this wall of shame. Make no mistake, this 20% import tax will be passed on to the consumer. Not all America is ignorant. We know how this works. Many American companies have moved their manufacturing to Mexico and other countries, yes, even you Donald. Your suits were manufactured in Mexico, ties and shirts in China.4 We all know this hypocrisy. This is a multibillion dollar atrocity that has been proposed. An asinine idea that TAX PAYING Americans will be paying for decades. Mexico is not going to pay for that wall. This is not an alternate fact.


Not only is the negative financial impact too great, but the human cost is even greater. The bullying behavior that President Trump and friends spew has propagated an atmosphere of hate and intolerance. The effect on adults is one thing, but what about our children? The hate and anger that is being encouraged is shocking. Recently, at Boulder Creek High School in Phoenix, AZ, an assistant principal and athletic director were put on paid administrative leave for posting a video of themselves attired as the President and his advisor, Kellyanne Conway, ‘joking’ about building a wall to keep out “weak and loser students”.5 There is nothing funny about this. Why are they on paid administrative leave? They need to be fired.


Yet another sleepless night. One thing for sure … you won’t catch me tweeting any rants to people who disagree with me. Freedom of speech is the First Amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America. If there is one thing that this election has really brought to light is that it is time for another Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, the 12th amendment needs to be amended. The electoral college has long outlived its usefulness. Let the majority vote decide. We demand to be heard and we will not be silenced.


A flicker of hope … while watching ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell’ on MSNBC  on January 26th, 2017, there was a sign from the Women’s March on Washington that read – If he builds a wall I will teach my children to tear it down. My thoughts exactly.


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