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Marie PickettLet me pose a question to you President Trump: What are you doing to this great nation of ours? I’ll answer for you: In two weeks’ time you have managed to polarize our nation with your hate filled rhetoric and actions! You have managed to insult not only every ethnicity and religion that makes up this great country of ours, but you also threaten every American value. You have threatened other countries too, and thereby you have threatened our lives. You have been a busy man, indeed.


You have put Iran on notice for threatening “our interests.”1 Whose interests are you referring to? America’s … or yours? Your proposed presidential cabinet’s net worth is: 14.5 billion.2 My bet is that “your interests” are rooted in personal financial ones. The ones that you and your billionaire friends were discussing at the donor appreciation events in Palm Beach recently. Events for the Red Cross at your mansion Mar-A-Largo and a Super Bowl party at your golf course, Trump International Golf Club.3 You have put Iran “on notice.” What does that even mean? Are you going to send us all a tweet with a 10-minute warning (in the middle of the night) before you commit us to war with them?


As a side note … my husband and I used to donate to the Red Cross, quarterly. We are not rich people. But we know that there are others who have more needs than we do. When there is a need, it is our responsibility as a member of humanity to help. However, we learned years ago that too many of the donations did not go directly to help those in need. Case in point: The Red Cross pays up to $300,000.00 to have little soirées, like the one with you recently. Clearly, the Red Cross does not need our paltry couple of grand.


Sorry, I lose focus quite frequently these days, I’m so tired. I’m unable to sleep; I can’t stop thinking that you’re threatening Australia? That you’re building a wall…. Are you delusional?


Mr. Trump, I want to put you and your rich friends “on notice.” Before you commit my children, our children, grandchildren, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters to a war with any country, you and the GOP had better be willing to send your children, grandchildren, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters in harm’s way too. Our families will proudly stand next to yours to defend America, but we will not go it alone. If you don’t send yours, we will not send ours. This is not negotiable. My husband, my daughter, my brother, and my sister have all served. You and yours and the overwhelming of the GOP’s have not!


We will not allow you to bully, bad mouth, or strong arm us into doing your dirty work. For once in your life, be a real man. Do the right thing! If you insist on a war, we insist that your children, grandchildren, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters be there too. Yes, that means you too, Vice President Pence, Speaker Paul Ryan, and the I don’t know what the hell you are Steve Bannon; and the rest of the crew who met in Palm Beach at the exclusive retreat. Since the GOP is talking about equality Kellyanne Conway, your kids should join Right up, too.


Mr. Trump, we, the majority of the people in the United States of America, insist on a voter fraud investigation. Only we will select the special investigator, you are not allowed to be involved. You have already wasted enough of our tax dollars. There are more of us than there are of you, and your numbers are falling. Quickly.4 We reject you Mr. Trump. You are not our president. We are fighting for our future and our lives – and we will not be silenced. Remember that there are more of us combined than yours – 2.8 million more and growing, thanks to you.


There’s no sleep for me; there is no peace in these dark days and nights. The evil among us is real. It is positioning itself to crush our hopes, our dreams, our very way of life. Make your voices heard America! Together, regardless of our sex, race, or religion we will defeat the evil that has infiltrated this great nation of ours.


Remember this, Republican Senators and Congressman, 2018 is right around the corner. We are watching.  We will hold you accountable. We will not forget.


These dark days and nights of the Trump presidency shall pass; to be remembered as simply another black mark in American history. We will not allow it to reshape the future of these already great United States of America. We will not allow it to define us. We will have each other’s backs. Mr. Trump, you will not win. Tweet away.… We are awake and ready to fight you at every turn. If there is no peace or sleep for us, there will be none for you or yours either…
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