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Marie PickettAgain, I find myself asking myself, “where to start?”  The daily assault on American values by President Trump and his friends is simply exhausting. What I had wanted to write about is the grassroots People Power webinar my husband and I attended on March 11, 2017. The webinar is a grassroots program started by the ACLU to get people out in the communities protesting the racism, bigotry and hate filled policies being touted by Trump and the GOP’s millionaires club currently in charge of America’s government.


The ACLU message on the 11th was clear: we will not cede to ideologies of hate, intolerance, or discrimination.


Democracy is not a spectator sport. In this Trump era that we live, it is everyone’s obligation to protect it our way of life. We must live and display our love for one another for the world to see. We must remind the world that 2.86 million more Americans did not vote for Trump than voted for him; that he actually lost the popular vote. That the majority of Americans do not support Trump or the GOP.


This reality has triggered some interesting changes in Americans’ involvement in the political/social arenas. Prior to November 8, 2016, the ACLU had 400,000 members. Since then it has grown to 1.2 million members. I encourage everyone to support the ACLU. Even though we may not agree with every case they defend, the ACLU will fight for our rights when Trump and friends come to take our rights away. The ACLU and its grassroots program, People Power, will have our backs; check them out.


It seems that my outrage, just as Trump’s outrageous actions, has no end.  His administration’s constant assault on America’s foundation is getting to the point of being ridiculous. I have been wavering on whether Trump is a complete idiot or simply evil. It is now obvious that he is both. He’s a 70 year-old man who has the mentality of a seven year-old child with the discipline of a two year-old baby. His silver spoon upbringing polluted his understanding of the world and respect for all who inhabit it. Trump’s despicable interviews with Howard Stern, when he talked about Ivankia’s, his own daughter, sexuality, and his criminal (sexual predator) statement on a bus during a taping of an entertainment show when he basically said that if you are rich you can grab any woman’s pussy and she doesn’t care, prove that he feels entitled by his riches. Proves that he is delusional. Proves that he is a criminal. I will never forget the women who previously reported Trump’s lecherous behavior and how in true Trump fashion, he called every one of them liars; just like Bill Cosby did. And just like Bill, Trump deflection will only stand so long. He will fall, just as Cosby fell.


America is so much better than all of this. We are not the sexist, ignorant nation that Trump is showing to the world. He does not represent the majority of Americans. He has not assumed responsibility for any of his actions. He points fingers and blames others. He calls women ugly, like Ted Cruz’s wife, Rosie O’donnell, Carly Florina, etc. He calls female challengers crooked, like Hilary Clinton. He falsely accuses former President Obama of committing a wiretapping felony. And on and on and on, with no end in sight. America, we are so much better than this. Every day is a new outrage from Trump. Every day it is a new worry for us.


Trump’s recent treatment of Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel, was terrible. He wouldn’t even shake her hand, even though the press and she suggested it. The handshake would have been viewed by the world as allied nations united. His surrogates have said that Trump did not hear the suggestions to shake hands. I for one am not buying it. Trump was simply intimated by a world leader; and by a strong, intellectual woman.


His treatment of Hilary Clinton during the election season certainly showed us that. His treatment of Angela Merkel cemented it. Ms. Merkel, America apologies for our classless President. Trump is president only due to the outdated Electoral College. We rejected Trump by a margin of 2.86 million votes. Yes, America rejected Trump, and most Americans want the archaic Electoral College, that dates back to the era of slavery, removed from our constitution. Unfortunately, that will take a Constitutional Amendment. Since the Electoral College put the GOP in the White House twice in my lifetime, it will be a long, hard battle to exorcise the Electoral College from American politics.


Trump is systematically alienating our friends and allies, such as Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, and Germany. Who’s next? It appears he is intentionally alienating America from the world’s democracies and choosing instead to align our nation with dictatorships like Russia. Trump respects Putin, calling him a strong, good leader. His crazy and accusatory Twitter rants continually make America the laughing stock of the world. His irrational, unhinged and traitorous behavior should be more than enough to begin impeachment proceedings under “not mentally fit” to serve as “Commander in Chief.”


Consider what Trump is proposing that will directly and negatively affect Americans: Trump and the GOP want to take away your healthcare; they want to take away after school programs that so many American children need, they want to eliminate after school programs and school lunch programs.  Their cronies are making the rounds stating those are bad programs, that Americans are not benefiting from them. Every time a citizen stands up and says, “Look at me, I am proof they work. I need them to survive,” Trump and company simply (and smugly) dismiss them.


If you have a strong stomach, try to watch Tom Price on CNN’s Town Hall.  At one point a woman is explaining, and practically begging Price to not eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood because it is her only healthcare source. Price then proceeds to tell the audience that Medicaid is failing many people. I couldn’t watch it for more than a few seconds, the smirk on his face says it all. That they don’t care about us, or care about those who voted for them.


Mr. Trump and GOP, we will hold you accountable for your devastating policies. You will answer for everything in the 2018 election.


I for one am horrified at what is happening to America. But I am also a strong and intelligent woman who will not give up or give in.


I Will Resist. I Will Persist. And I Will Fight…


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