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Hunting For Thompson would like to pause our mission to simply express our gratitude to our readership; to express our unwavering devotion to, and faith in, The United States of America. We are the most blessed, most fortunate people on Earth simply due to our title of “Citizen of The United States of America.”

In these times of uncertainty, with dividing lines deeply dug, please pause to reflect on what binds us, on loved ones, on our many blessings, and be grateful that you are here at this place in time to help shape the future of our nation, and the world. It is up to us to define what “Citizen of The United States of America” will mean from this time forward.

To those who yearn to adopt the title “Citizen of The United States of America,” we at Hunting For Thompson will do all in our power to “leave the light on” for you.

And so, may this Thanksgiving Season bring you peace, love, and a drive to ensure that Thanksgiving Day in America will always be one of unity, inclusion, and gratitude.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” — We will be back on Friday, November 25th, 2016.

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John R. Hall

John has been described as a contrarian, a provocateur, and a polemicist. With the dexterity of a master magician, John's writing style forces readers to reexamine their positions and opinions on society, politics, and lifestyles. In his book, Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain, John interweaves a narrative of a life lived in constant motion while taking the reader along on his 2011 coast-to-coast motorcycle ride across the 48 contiguous states.