Spice is Not Good When the Flu Visit; Sean Spicer is Even Worse

John R. Hall
Little Ricky / John R. Hall

I have been battling a bug for a few days. Actually, I’m battling a few bugs: President Trump, Sean Spicer, the wannabe wiretap bug, and a virus related flu bug. The latter is the only one I have a realistic chance of expelling. Since I am single, and I have no children, or pets, or plants, or roommates, or obligations—either professional or personal, or any lifeforms relying on me, including fish, when I am under the weather my sleep cycle and awareness of date and time become nonexistent.

That should explain why, when I last awoke and turned the TV on, that I thought it was Saturday Night Live flickering across the flat screen. It was, in fact, Thursday, March 16, 2017, around 14:15 CDT. No, it was not a Saturday Night Live rerun that I had stumbled upon. Much to my chagrin, it was live TV.

It took a moment, but I finally accepted that fact of space and time. That it was not Saturday night, but midweek Thursday afternoon and C-SPAN was on. That all became painfully clear (the crystal kind) to me when I realized that not even the fantastic writing staff of Saturday Night Live could conjured up a script for Melissa McCarthy to channel Sean Spicer through as absurd as the live feed that I was witnessing from C-SPAN. Nope. That would have been mission impossible. Sadly, I was being exposed to yet another Sean Spicer shameful meltdown on live TV; he’s the White House press secretary. He was lying while trying to tow the Trump company line. The fully rebuked claim that President Trump tweeted wherein he accused former President Obama of tapping his phones.

You’ll understand my confusion when you see the video clip at the end of this article. Even if I had been awake for hours, and of sound mind and good health when I turned the TV on, my mistake of thinking that I was watching a Saturday Night Live satire sketch instead of a press briefing by a U.S. President’s representative would be excusable.

Anyone who’s seen Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of Sean Spicer will appreciate how I mistakenly took Spicer’s press briefing for a Saturday Night Live’s scathing satire. For those who think Saturday Night Live is being disrespectful, playing Sean over the top, portraying Spicer falsely as an out of control crony, to you I present the following—and I rest my case.

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