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I just voted via mail. For the first time ever, I voted in a partisan manner: Democrat; Female; non-European (aka non-white) descent. I figured that white men have failed spectacularly—and that their time is up. Time to let the ladies and non-whites take a shot at fucking up what was once humanity’s best shot at a society getting its shit together.

America now trails well over half of the world in compassion, education, safety nets, and basic human courtesy. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the truth of the matter is: the United States is now nothing but a bad joke on the world stage.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing.”

In regard to that quote, America is a phenomenal success. The majority of good people, just like in 1930s Germany, have stood by and done nothing to save our country. Hopefully, on November 3, 2020, the tide will turn.

It is inconceivable to me how the Donald still has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning again. That in itself speaks volumes about our nation. And so it goes . . . all good people are now holding their bated breath.

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John is an author, a blogger, and provocateur who founded in 2016. Between 2019 and 2020 he wrote and published Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain. John's forthcoming book, Hunting for Thompson: Daggers from a Desperate Patriot, is slated for an October 2021 release.

John is a James Copley Scholarship for Journalism recipient. He studied journalism, psychology, communications and the dramatic arts at City College, San Diego, California.

John has largely traveled through life as a single and childless rolling stone, collecting little moss. He has been employed in numerous industries: first as a KFC dishwasher, then a Red Lion busboy, followed by soda jerking for Dairy Queen. All of that occurred before Uncle Sam whispered in his ear and he donned the olive drab green as a soldier in the U.S. Army. After that non-Yankee Doodle Dandy duty was over, he attempted a career in entertainment, performing comedy and magic. When those opportunities disappeared, John reappeared in the transportation industry as a taxi and truck driver. He's been a barkeep, a hotel manager, a street performer, a professional student, a business manager, a dispatcher, an oil field professional, an IT/IS professional, and a self-imposed gig economy prisoner (aka worker); he's even been a procurer of substances.

John developed and maintains Hunting For, Red White and the, and John R. All of this basically makes him an omnipotent . . . (in his own mind, which, as he says: "Is all that counts").