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I remember what I wrote and said about Donald J. Trump—I meant it! And I’ll stand by all of it until the bitter end. My disgust of Trump and his cantankerous crew does not blind me, nor alleviate me, from calling out any Democrat for his or her own behaviors unbecoming of a human.

Case in point: the brothers Cuomo. Mainly the older one, who also happens to be the governor of the Empire State: New York. Andrew Cuomo, it appears, is an unsavory man: a man of ill repute, and consequently his administration reflects his own personal and political sewage-filled swamps.

It seems that Andrew and the Donald both share a penchant, a deep-seated psychotic desire to “grab ’em by the pussy.” The Donald, obviously, is not on par with Andrew’s intellect and therefore was forced to resort to brutish behavior (just kiss ’em) to demean and subjugate his female prey. Andrew, thinking he was shrewd and endearing, attempted to play the “What’s age got to do with it?” card (hoping his younger quarry had daddy issues and would not rebuff his unwanted sexual advances) when he said he’d date a twentysomething to young ladies within the governor’s office’s pool of female talent. The stench emanating from the governor’s executive office is enough to make all good people puke!

The olfactory system of Chris Cuomo—the gov’s lil’ brother and CNN talking head—must be very strong indeed. Or maybe it is very weak because he has recused himself from reporting on the sexual and COVID-19 shenanigans of his brother (the governor of one of the most powerful states in the union) due to a so-called conflict of interest.

Little brother Chris had no such qualms when big brother Andrew was being postulated as the man of the hour—the COVID-19 Response King. Nope, during those political dog-and-pony show days Chris had Andrew on his five-night-a-week prime-time political theater show with unrelenting regularity. Back then the brothers’ banter included such stop the press newsworthy topics as “Mom likes me best” and retro, or throwback, Thursdays—pictures from the family photo album of haircuts and clothing attire.

But now that Andrew is under the gun, Chris refuses to peel back the onion as any real journalist would be doing—to get to the bottom of things—to report on two high-profile scandals originating from his big brother’s office: the governor of the state of New York. It makes no sense. Because if Chris would report on his brother’s apparent character flaws, he just might be able to prove them to be true and thereby win the moniker of “Mom likes me best.”

I can only assume the brothers made a deal when Andrew arranged for Chris and his family to be tested for COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic, when Andrew violated the power the public entrusted in him by commandeering the governor’s office and its emergency response powers for personal and family advantage and gain. Shame.

That would make more sense as to why Chris recused himself from reporting on his brother’s sexual predatory escapades and manipulation of the death toll of nursing homes—and on his own unqualified and preferential access to COVID-19 testing when people were literally (not figuratively) dying while waiting to be tested.

Also noteworthy in this fucking cesspool is that Don Lemon’s CNN show, which Dave Chappelle called “that hotbed of reality,” has also had nothing—or very little to say on his colleague’s brother’s plights. But that is not one iota bit surprising either. All one has to do is watch and listen when Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo gather in a split screen view and banter with one another before passing the talking-head baton. There is only one possible takeaway that objective people can arrive at: the Lemon-Cuomo bromance is one of the sappiest of them all.

CNN is suppose to stand for the Cable News Network. Considering current events, it should now consider an acronym name change to CNN: the “Cowardly Nepotism Network”!

That’s the way I see it . . . for whatever that’s worth.

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John is an author, a blogger, and provocateur who founded in 2016. Between 2019 and 2020 he wrote and published Red, White, and the Blues: A Long and Hard Ride over Treacherous Terrain. John's forthcoming book, Hunting for Thompson: Daggers from a Desperate Patriot, is slated for an October 2021 release.

John is a James Copley Scholarship for Journalism recipient. He studied journalism, psychology, communications and the dramatic arts at City College, San Diego, California.

John has largely traveled through life as a single and childless rolling stone, collecting little moss. He has been employed in numerous industries: first as a KFC dishwasher, then a Red Lion busboy, followed by soda jerking for Dairy Queen. All of that occurred before Uncle Sam whispered in his ear and he donned the olive drab green as a soldier in the U.S. Army. After that non-Yankee Doodle Dandy duty was over, he attempted a career in entertainment, performing comedy and magic. When those opportunities disappeared, John reappeared in the transportation industry as a taxi and truck driver. He's been a barkeep, a hotel manager, a street performer, a professional student, a business manager, a dispatcher, an oil field professional, an IT/IS professional, and a self-imposed gig economy prisoner (aka worker); he's even been a procurer of substances.

John developed and maintains Hunting For, Red White and the, and John R. All of this basically makes him an omnipotent . . . (in his own mind, which, as he says: "Is all that counts").