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The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg holds the potential for the United States to start anew . . . or to be the place in space and time at which America passes the point of no return. Lady Liberty...


“Thoughts of what may come are worthy of our fleeting time. By looking back, we set ourselves upon a carousel of confusion. A merry-go-round that will not end in merriment. It’s a vicious cycle—waking up to only ponder yesterday. It sets you running headstrong forward while looking back. That can only lead to dead ends. Where you must race back, to where you began. Then you wake up one morning to find that many years have passed you by. Then you ponder lost time. It’s best not to find yourself lagging behind, dwelling on life’s missed opportunities—or brooding over lost love. Life is to be lived; it should not be spent reliving it. Unfortunately, it is a human trait to carry emotional baggage in the form of unpaid invoices for psychological damage. Those philosophical bills will always remain in arrears; they can never be fully satisfied.” — John R. Hall