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Note: Since 2017, the founder of Hunting For Thompson has been dealing with unabated and continuing health issues, hence the sporadic updating of Hunting For

(Feel free to cut and paste this text into your story. You heard us right—plagiarize away.)

In honor of the late author and journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, Hunting For’s goal is to be a platform for journalistic integrity, socio/political commentary, musings, general observations, and whatever else strikes our fancy; from politics to advertising, from social engineering to disenfranchisement, from this to that. We may lean Left, but without a Right now and then, we’d just be going around in circles. So we invite all to the platform so long as there is no attacking of authors; challenging their views is fine and welcomed.

The genesis for Hunting For’s entrance on life’s stage came about as a result of the 2016 general election and from Donald J. Trump’s unfathomable rise to the Presidency of the United States of America. That unexpected and harsh reality brought about a catharsis, and the idle chatter of a vision for the play on a name “Hunting For Thompson” came to an end. The catharsis demanded that something more than, Oh my God, how could this have happened? be done.

So here we are: kicking and screaming, wailing at the top of our lungs: “The emperor has no clothes!”

Hunting For Thompson’s Users

Hunting for Thompson has the ability to reach billions and billions of people worldwide from its headquarters in an undisclosed bunker using a secure internet connection.

The Mission

To entice and incite discourse while defending the First Amendment. The unfulfilled promise that we are all created equal and have certain inalienable Rights only stands to see fruition if we remain vigilant and protect our Rights. Chief among them is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. We shall do our part and stand with whoever stands guard over it.

Our Taglines

We’re too Legit to Quit.

I knew it. You’re not to be trusted!

Enticing and Inciting Discourse.

If you’re a fan, no explanation is needed—if not, none can be given.

History of Hunting For Thompson

02/20/2005: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Exits and a Play on a Name Comes to Mind

12/31/2010: Serious Thought of Moving Forward on a Play on a Name as the Year Ended

01/29/2011: Domain Registration

11/08/2016: Donald J. Trump Elected 45th President of the USA, Triggers 1st Article

11/11/2016: Published Website with “Stop Kidding & Make Some Drinks!” by John R. Hall

11/25/2016: Bonus Round Ventures Incorporated Purchases Hunting For ThompsonTM

11/28/2016: Published V2 of Website, in Conjunction with Social Media Presence

12/01/2016: International and Federal Trademark Registration Application Submitted

12/15/2016: Letter to Ms. Anita Thompson Respectfully Submitting Website for her Review

12/17/2016: Gordon A. Friday, Friend of the Website, Waylays and Provides Resources

03/24/2017: Health Matters Trigger Temporary Hiatus, Website Updates Suspended

06/01/2017: Bonus Round Ventures Dissolved, Ownership Returned to John R. Hall

07/01/2017: Ongoing Hiatus Due to Elongated Illnesses

07/26/2019: Returned to Intermittent Activity

11/27/2019: John R. Hall Publishes Scathing Thanksgiving Message

02/05/2020: Marked Majority of Articles as Private Access to Reboot Website

03/25/2020: Requested Removal of Archived Articles from

04/20/2020: New Ownership; Red, White, and the Blues Publishing, LLC

05/25/2020: Began Marking Many Original Articles as Public Access

05/26/2020: Returned to “Intermittent” Active Status

Our Name

When displaying, linking, or printing our website name, the following is the format:


When displaying our name, the following is the format: Hunting For ThompsonTM

Hunting For Thompson Typography

Times New Roman is our masthead’s font and is used for printed materials.


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Hunting For Thompson Logo

Our logo is the most visible component of the Hunting For Thompson brand. When applying the logo to websites, blogs, marketing materials, advertising, presentations, tchotchkes, etc. You may not resize the logo below 300 X 300px and the image tag must include border=”0″, e,g: <img border=”0″ />, also we prefer it is set on a dark background. Download the transparent logo.


Hunting For Thompson

The Rules

This policy is subject to revision by Hunting For Thompson at any time.

Use Rules

  • You may use our brand assets for non-commercial purposes, including in connection with academic research. For commercial uses, such as including our brand assets in a product for sale, please request our permission. We may require you to stop using our brand assets if we believe that your use falls outside these rules or the scope of any permission we give you.

General Requirements

  • Don’t imply an association that doesn’t exist. Don’t use our brand assets in a manner that suggests any type of association, affiliation, partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by Hunting For Thompson, or in a way that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authorized by, or represents the views or opinions of Hunting For Thompson or its personnel. We suggest that you include a disclaimer of association or endorsement where appropriate. (E.g. “Hunting For Thompson is not associated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor this website.”)
  • Keep it clean. Don’t use our brand assets in conjunction with any content associated with gambling, pornography, or illegal activities.
  • Use our brand assets civilly. Subject to fair use exceptions, don’t use our brand assets in a way that disparages Hunting For Thompson or its business, or in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, unfair, defamatory, infringing, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Don’t combine our name with yours. Don’t combine our name or brand assets with your name, marks, or names of products and surveys.
  • No names in titles. Don’t use our name as part of the title of your blog, book, or website.
  • No confusingly similar uses. You must not attempt to obtain ownership rights in our brand assets, or any confusingly similar approximations, whether by trademark registration, domain name registration (including second-level domain names), or otherwise.

Physical Goods

  • We don’t permit the use of our brand assets on physical goods.
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